Lone Star Fund II

Lone Star Fund II

  • 1999


  • $1.2 billion

    Fund Size

  • 20 months


  • 35

    Number of Investments

  • $2.6 billion

    Aggregate Purchase Price

  • 12,752

    Number of Assets

Lone Star Fund II, formed in September 1998, held its final closing in April 1999 with $1.2 billion in combined capital commitments.  Over its 20 month investment period, Lone Star Fund II invested all of its equity capital in 35 investments comprised of 12,752 assets with an aggregate purchase price of approximately $2.6 billion.  Transactions consummated by Lone Star Fund II included investments, directly or through joint ventures, in portfolios of secured and unsecured non-performing loans and real estate.

During Lone Star Fund II’s investment period, Lone Star established itself as one of the largest foreign buyers of non-performing loans in Asia, investing approximately 75% of Lone Star Fund II’s capital in Japan and South Korea.  The remainder was invested in real estate assets throughout the U.S., Germany and France.  Lone Star Fund II has liquidated all of its investments.