Investment Platforms

Lone Star has established investment holding platforms to consolidate and centralize investment holding, management, and related operational activities. Formed in 2000 and 2003, respectively, Lone Star International Finance DAC (“LSIF”) and Lone Star Capital Investments S.à r.l. (“LSCI”) hold investments across multiple geographies, including in Europe and Asia Pacific, and across multiple asset classes, including:

  • Equity and debt investments in value-oriented assets, including corporate, commercial and single- family residential real estate and consumer debt;
  • Other real estate and real estate-related assets;
  • Control investments in financially oriented and other operating companies; and
  • Securitized products such as RMBS (residential mortgage-backed securities), CMBS (commercial mortgage-backed securities), and other asset-backed securities.

LSIF’s and LSCI’s employees have significant experience in managing investments, in coordination with Lone Star and Hudson.